Bungee Jump at the Victoria Falls

A traveler takes the plunge bungee jumping from the Victoria Fall Bridge.

Experience the thrill of leaping into nothing from the historic Victoria Falls Bridge.

All across the globe, bungee jumping has become synonymous with an authentic adrenalin rush. There is nothing quite like plunging into thin air from an awe-inspiring height – usually complemented by some of the most striking views imaginable. The bungee jumping experience at Victoria Falls is no different and is effectively enhanced by dramatic vistas of the largest waterfall in the world.

The bungee jumping experience is conducted from the historic Victoria Falls Bridge. While the activity counts as being on the Zimbabwean side of the Falls, you need only stroll across from the Zambian side with your passport for a quick check at immigration. It is therefore accessible regardless which of the two countries you are visiting from.

Built in 1905, the historic 198m (650 ft) bridge connects Zambia and Zimbabwe above the Second Gorge of the Victoria Falls, also acting as a border crossing for rail, road and foot traffic. The bridge was the invention of Cecil John Rhodes – a part of his unrealized Cape to Cairo railway scheme – yet the mining magnate never laid eyes on the Falls and passed away before construction even began.

The drop is an electrifying 111 meters (364 feet). Following a safety briefing and being fitted with a secure harness, you’ll take the leap towards the roaring Zambezi River below. Use those unforgettable 4 seconds of free fall to embrace the spiraling mists coming off the Falls and look out for the tell-tale rainbows spanning the Batoka Gorge. Then you’ll be roped back to the catwalk bridge below – likely with your blood still raging in in your ears.

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