Devil's Pool at the Victoria Falls

The serene pool at the rock lip of Victoria Falls known as 'Devil's Pool'.

Experience the most spectacular natural 'infinity pool' in the world at the edge of Vic Falls.

During the dry season, when the prolific Zambezi River’s water level is at its lowest, a serene pool becomes accessible at the very lip of the Victoria Falls. The safari experience itself, however, can certainly not be described as ‘serene’. The only thing keeping you from toppling over 108 m (355 ft) into the gorge below is that rock lip. The low water level means that the current is calm enough not to pull you over, ensuring relative safety in savoring one of the most awe-inspiring views in the world from its most hair-raising perspective.

Your excursion to Devil’s Pool is conducted from the Zambian side of the Falls and starts with a trip to Livingstone Island – a 5- to 8-minute boat ride from the jetty at the Royal Livingstone Hotel. It is said that this is the spot from where Sir David Livingstone first glimpsed “the smoke that thunders” – Victoria Falls. You’ll enjoy a guided tour of the island, including insight into its ancient history, along with either morning tea, lunch or afternoon high tea (depending on the time of day that you’ve elected to partake in this activity).

Thereafter you’ll start the swim over to the pool. You’ll carefully navigate across rock formations and swim both against and with the current – all with the assistance of a guide, of course. Do not fret if you’re not a strong swimmer; it might take you a bit longer to reach the pool, but you can also wade across at a more leisurely pace.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself at the edge of the Falls – the point from where 1088 m3/s (38,430 cu ft/s) of water plummets down in one of the most magnificent natural displays on the continent. If you’re feeling brave, you can dive right in – an incomparable photo opportunity! While the experience does come with some risks, no guest has ever gone over the Falls, and injuries have been limited to careless footing on the rocks en route to the pool. Trust in your guide at all times and your time at the pool should be safe and unforgettable.

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