Elephant-Back Safaris

An unforgettable elephant-back safari in South Africa.

An elephant-back safari is one of the most unique South African safari activities available.

Though there are many ways to enjoy an African safari, you may find that the best seat to behold the wilderness from is the towering backside of an African elephant. These gentle grey giants present visitors with the unique opportunity to learn about them, interact with them and befriend them.

Most elephant-back safaris will limit each elephant to two visiting riders and the elephant’s trainer. Perched atop your elephant in a comfortable ‘saddle’, the guide will serve as your animal medium and teach you about the individual you are riding. The experience is both wonderfully peaceful and thrilling, as the tame colossi traverse single file through the bushveld - the ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the wilderness.

These unforgettable experiences are offered at various sanctuaries and reserves throughout South Africa and neighboring countries, each with their own unique adventure. Some safaris may limit participants in terms of age and ailments (i.e. most locations will not allow children under the age of ten to ride along), so be sure to check with us before including an elephant-back safari in your itinerary.

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