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South African Activities

We include a wide range of choice activities throughout our safaris and tours that will generate memories for a lifetime.

Wild & Wonderful

Because we aim to cater to a wide range of guests from every corner of the world, we've tried to ensure that our included activities will complement a range of tastes and preferences. In South Africa, you truly will find something for everyone. The leisure-seeker, for example, will delight in a sunset cruise on Table Bay, chilled champagne at hand, while adrenalin junkies will thrill at the opportunity to cage dive with great white sharks.

While our existing safari and tour itineraries already include a number of activities, if something here catches your eye, you are welcome to request a custom alteration to your vacation package. Alternatively, we will assist you in creating a bespoke South African travel experience from scratch with hand-picked destinations, accommodations and activities.

A demonstration at the Bird of Prey Rehab Centre.
Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Centre

The Bird of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre is located just outside the sleepy Mpumalanga Highlands town of Dullstroom. This center sheds light on the plight of South Africa's endangered raptor species by rehabilitating injured and orphaned birds. It also offers demonstrations to the public.

African penguins roaming the sands of Boulders Beach.
Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is situated in a sheltered cove in False Bay. What makes this pristine little stretch of beach so remarkable is that it is home to a colony of endangered African penguins, endowing visitors with the opportunity to swim and sunbathe among these handsome flightless birds. Strewn with thousand-year-old boulders, the beach itself is quite beautiful.

Guests enjoy an informative bush walk in the Greater Kruger National Park.
Bush Walk

A bush walk provides safari enthusiasts with a unique way to experience the wilderness areas of Southern Africa. Embark on foot in the company of armed rangers and trackers equipped with experience and knowledge that will make your bush walk all the more interesting. Learn more about the environment you are traversing and observe wildlife up close.

Crocodile cage diving at the Cango Wildlife Ranch.
Cango Wildlife Ranch

Cango Wildlife Ranch invites visitors to experience an exciting variety of animal encounters, from cheetah and tigers to meeting lemurs and crocodile cage diving. This family-friendly nature park offers once-in-a-lifetime moments that avid animal lovers will treasure for years to come.

An elephant-back safari in the wilderness of Southern Africa.
Elephant-Back Safari

What better way to explore the African wilderness than from the backside of the continent's largest mammal? Elephant-back safaris are available throughout much of South Africa, but the experience adopts a wilder tone in Zimbabwe and Zambia, where true wilderness areas are traversed rather than small sanctuaries.

Dolphins encountered on a dolphin watching cruise in the Garden Route.
Garden Route Dolphin Watching

The Garden Route region offers fantastic swimming beaches and idyllic natural beauty. In addition, the waters off its coastline are rich with marine wildlife, making it the ideal location for a dolphin watching cruise during a tour in South Africa. These cruises typically depart from Plettenberg Bay.

The elephants of the Knysna Elephant Park during a sunset walk.
Knysna Elephant Park

The Knysna Elephant Park is located near the charming Garden Route resort town of Knysna. This elephant sanctuary provides visitors with the amazing opportunity to interact with, walk with and ride on these magnificent animals. The experiences are enhanced by the elephants' ever-present handlers, who share stories and interesting facts.

Rhino spotted on safari in South Africa.
Open 4x4 Game Drives

An open 4x4 game drive is the traditional way to experience an African safari. The vehicles have been modified to offer the best game viewing possible, with elevated seats and either a canvas top or no top at all. Your open 4x4 game drive will typically be accompanied by an experienced ranger to guide you through the bush.

A flock of female ostriches on a farm near Oudtshoorn.
Ostrich Ride

An ostrich ride provides a unique, adrenalin-pumping experience. These large, flightless birds can reach speeds of up to 70km/h. Those with less adventurous tastes may still engage with the ostriches by feeding them and learning more about the significant resources they provide, such as their beautiful feathers and delicious lean meat.

Visitors enjoy a traditional performance at Shangana Cultural Village.
Shangana Cultural Village

Shangana Cultural Village offers guests on a Kruger Park safari or South African tour in Mpumalanga the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local Shangaan culture for an afternoon. Interact with the villagers, meet the village "sangoma" or witch doctor and chief and enjoy a lively traditional performance in the chief's "kraal".

Dive with great white sharks off the coast of South Africa.
Shark Cage Diving

Shark cage diving certainly counts among the most thrilling and daring activities available in South Africa. Plunge into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean and meet the formidable great white shark – a true apex predator. Gansbaai's "Shark Alley" alongside Dyer Island boasts a remarkably high concentration of great whites.

The city of Cape Town bathed in a golden sunset.
Sunset Cruise from Table Bay

A sunset cruise from Table Bay is a most relaxing affair. These cruises typically depart from the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, with many different vessels available. From substantially-sized boats and traditional yachts to catamarans and pirate-themed ships, visitors are spoiled with options to revel in the last light over the Atlantic Ocean.

Fossils unearthed at the West Coast Fossil Park.
West Coast Fossil Park

The West Coast Fossil Park provides an educational adventure ideal for families visiting the West Coast region during a South African tour. Hosting numerous remarkable fossils from the Mio-Pliocene age, young archaeologists will delight in learning about an eons-old landscape and the creatures that once roamed it.

White water rafting is an adrenalin-pumping activity.
White Water Rafting

White water rafting, particularly on the wild rivers of Southern Africa, is not for the faint-hearted. The most popular of these waterways is the Zambezi River that slices through Zimbabwe and Zambia. Following the terminus of the Victoria Falls, the river flows into the famous rapids of the Batoka Gorge. Many local operators offer full and half day rafting.

An idyllic sunset cruise on the Zambezi River.
Zambezi Sunset Cruise

A sunset cruise on the Zambezi River blesses participants with dramatic, fiery African sunsets, occasional wildlife sightings and a truly memorable location to enjoy a sundowner. This safari activity is a favorite amongst visitors to the Victoria Falls, and the rolling mists of the Falls are often spotted on the horizon during your languid glide down the river.

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